Psalms for Troubled Times – Psalm 69

Save me, O God; for the waters are come in unto my soul. I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing: I am come into deep waters, where the floods overflow me. (Matt26:37) I am weary of my crying: my throat is dried: mine eyes fail while I wait for my God. They that hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of mine head (John15:25): they that would destroy me, being mine enemies wrongfully, are mighty: then I restored that which I took not away.

Let not them that wait on thee, O Lord GOD of hosts, be ashamed for my sake: let not those that seek thee be confounded for my sake, O God of Israel.

Because for thy sake I have borne reproach; shame hath covered my face. I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and an alien unto my mother’s children (John 1:11,7:5); For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; (John 2:17) and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me. (Roms 15:3)

Hear me, O LORD; for thy lovingkindness is good: turn unto me according to the multitude of thy tender mercies.

Thou hast known my reproach, and my shame, and my dishonour: mine adversaries are all before thee. (Matthew 27:27-31) Reproach hath broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness: and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none; and for comforters, but I found none. They gave me also gall for my meat; and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink. (Matt27:34, John19:28,29). I am poor and sorrowful: let thy salvation, O God, set me up on high. (Hebs 7:26-8:1)
This Psalm needs little comment. It is so full of Christ. See references. May the meditation touch our hearts, and as verse 6 says, let us never ‘be ashamed’ of the one who ‘restored’ what he ‘took not away’.

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