Great Gospel Texts – John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life

John 3:16

For God – yes, it all begins with God. He is the best explanation of life as we know it. Think about three of the greatest scientific discoveries over this last century:

  • The universe has a beginning – but how did it begin?
  • Life is only possible because the universe is so finely tuned – is that just coincidence?
  • The DNA at the centre of life is, in essence, information – where did it come from?

Each of these discoveries leave us with further questions that all point to one answer – God. No, not a God of the gaps. We’re not just being lazy and positing God because we have no explanation. No, God is the best explanation for all the data we have.

It’s not just science. Think about society. We know that relationships are foundational. And for healthy relations to exist; love, respect, joy, dignity etc are all essential. But on what grounds can we have such values? What can account for it?

Again, God is the best explanation, and not just any God, but the God who reveals Himself to us in the Bible. He is a God of relationship – a God who is love.

so loved the world — that includes you – who ever you are and where ever you come from? God loves you. He created the world – men and women, boys and girls – for one specific purpose, and that was RELATIONSHIP. God wants a relationship with you. He loves you.

It was God that initiated the relationship through Creation, and though we have chosen to turn our backs on God, and because of sin, go our own way, yet God still loves us.

that He gave His only begotten Son – a costly gift, and only God could bear that cost. we need to understand, that there is no injustice here at all. Jesus, being the Son of God, is indeed God. For some atheists to portray this as ‘cosmic child abuse’, only goes to show their ignorance of who Jesus claimed to be.

The death of Jesus Christ was not ‘child abuse’, but was the greatest act of love – the voluntary sacrifice of God himself, ‘manifest in flesh’. What love? But why?

God gave of Himself, and Jesus Christ gave everything, so that you and I might be restored to enjoy a relationship with God and Christ, to dwell in their love, and enjoy the light and life that they give to us.

that whosoever believes in Him – no one is excluded. Jesus Christ has done it all and now all people, everywhere, are invited to come to Jesus and accept His salvation. There is nothing to pay, and nothing to do. Just take God at His Word, and trust Him. Just take Jesus Christ for who He is, and trust Him. Just take His death and resurrection as sufficient – do you believe it is?

If you do, you are saved.

should not perish – this is the eternal state of being without God. An eternal state is a state where there is no change. Therefore, it is to be without God forever. Maybe you think that’s just grand, but stop and consider what God is: let’s take just three – LOVE, LIGHT, LIFE.

Do you want to eternally be in a state where there is no LOVE, no LIGHT and no LIFE. Therefore, there’ll be no meaningful relationships, no trust or goodness, no vitality, purpose or hope. It’ll be an exceedingly lonely place, a place of utter despair. It’s the place of the perishing, and God does not want you to choose that path or end up there.

but have everlasting life – this is God’s purpose for you. He desires that you be with Him. That’s why he made you, and that’s why He died for you. He wants you to recognise how much He loves you, accept the life He can give, and come to live in the light.

Won’t you come today. Acknowledge that it was for your sins that Jesus died, thank Him for dying for you, and accept the life and salvation He can give.

If you do this, let us know.

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